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12' Tent Jack Complete with Tripod

Make your next Install a breeze with the Rainier Canopy Tent Jack.

This multi-tasker can be used with standard and round tube frames as well as Rainier Tent's proprietary Full Strength Frame system. The Tent Canopy Jacks versatility will allow you to lift the crown connector into place with rafters already attached or install cables AFTER your frame has been assembled!

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  • A. General good safety factors: All equipment on your Rainier Tent Jack has working strengths of 3,000 pounds and above. A 3:1 safety factor or more is suggested; therefore do not expect a jack to lift more than 1,000 pounds each.

  • B. Good common sense safety practices need to be employed while lifting canopy tents. Always be sure the jack is on a good stable base and it is situated so that it can rotate up on the two front legs as the lifting procedure and raising of tent progresses.

  • C. Keep hands firmly on the winch handle during operation. When reversing (lowering a tent) the winch handle may turn free if not controlled. CAUTION!! If lowering is halted in mid-process, always turn winch handle back (clockwise) until ratchet sounds.

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Additional Info
SKU 2090-0042

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