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Rainier Span Full Strength Tent System

photo of Rainier Tent Crowns.

If you're serious...

About your frame tent system ...then your only choice is a Rainier Tent!

Rainier is the first tent system to develop and incorporate slide-in vinyl panels into frame tent technology.

Rainier Full Strength Tents are the strongest frame tent systems on the market and we have engineering to prove it! The Full Strength frame system is ideal for high wind or semi-permanent installations where strength and durability are critical. Common tube lengths are used in a variety of tent sizes, configurations, and positions, simplifying parts management and minimizing your investment as your needs change or grow. All connectors are welded steel components assembled in state-of-the-art fixtures to ensure accuracy and are zinc plated to protect against rust. Connectors in the system have additional drilling locations for cross bolting to increase frame strength and are compatible through the entire system. Brace bars connect directly into the function slot, eliminating bolt on brackets. The frame can be pinned for fast set up or bolted for long term stability. We use the best aluminum alloy to extrude all tubes, then clear anodize the aluminum for long lasting protection from oxidation.

The Rainier Advantage

  • Save Money with Every Install: The fastest installing frame tent system on the market saves you labor costs on every job, putting more money in your pocket.
  • Win Repeat Business: Attractive, superior performing tents that won’t pond, leak or rattle in the wind means happy customer. No one pays attentions to the fit and finish of every tent component like Rainier.
  • Engineered Strength: The strongest frame tent system on the market, and we have up-to-date engineering to prove it.
  • Durability: Plated connectors, reinforced seams, and superior craftsmanship means your tent will look good and last longer than other frame tents.
  • Superior Technical Support and Service: 24/7 support for difficult installs, code compliance training, installation training, customizations, flexible configurations, load lists, layout diagrams, and knowledgeable, experienced staff are just some of the ways we help you to maximize the value of the tent system.

Slide Track Technology

Why Lace When You Can SLIDE?

The introduction of keder tracks on rafters and legs revolutionized the frame tent industry. Suddenly, there was a way to gain a competitive labor cost advantage and provide a better performing product with the same investment.Countless labor hours have been saved by tent renters across the country by eliminating the lacing of adjoining fabric panels. Slide-in panels go in fast, really fast, and provide a weather-proof seal.

Not all tracked frame tent systems are created equal. To realize the full benefit of this technology, rafter tracks must align perfectly with the tracks in the crown.

Full Strength tubes and fittings are designed and manufactured to precise tolerances. Tracks align, holes align and the fit of frames to fitting are tight enough to fit well together, but not so tight as to slow down installation.

Perfect Alignment, Every Time!

Designed for lowest cost of ownership

What would a 25% to 50% reduction in your tent installation labor costs mean to your business?

Purchasing a tent system for your party rental business is one of the most important business decisions you’ll make. Shouldn’t this investment depend on a lot more than just who is giving the biggest discount? Tent rental companies thrive or die by their labor efficiency for each event, so your tent system should HELP you make money each and every time you set it up.

Full Strength Tents are designed from the ground up to be the fastest installing and the most labor efficient frame tent system on the market today. Including labor efficiency as an important part of your purchasing decision is what which we call the;

Lowest Cost of Ownership Equation:
Cost to Purchase + Cost to OPERATE System
= Total Cost of Your Tent System.

Achieving the lowest cost of ownership for our customers is our driving philosophy. Every connection is designed to fit together quickly and easily. No more pounding pieces together, no more awkward connections to make on a ladder. The system is simply designed to require less labor hours to install and dismantle, and then manufactured to precise tolerances that makes your tent installations quick and trouble-free.

An industry labor study comparing 40’ x 100’ frame tents provided the following results:

  • Less Inventory: Tent parts are intentionally designed to be used in multiple locations and in different tent configurations, meaning fewer unique parts to manage and lower overall inventory costs.
  • Longer Life: Fabric is reinforced at stress points and is made from only high quality materials; Fabric also has a longer life being pulled through tracks rather than being dragged over tent frames. Connectors are plated to protect against rust and chipping. Your tent system will last longer, require less maintenance and look better than tents with cheaper components and less attention to detail during manufacturing.
  • Flexibility: Easily expand or reconfigure your tent system to meet the needs of your local market, your specific event, or your growing business. Because the system uses more common parts, the additional investment to adapt your tent is much less than buying an entirely new tent.
  • Crew Safety: Design features of the tent and production standards during manufacturing mitigate potential hazards to your install crew like ladder installations, sharp edges on parts or heavy and awkward attachments during installation. Keep your crew healthy and productive!
  • Accessorizing Efficiency: So the tent is up and it’s time to decorate ... but where do you attach the lighting or the liner? Full Strength tents provide a number of ways to quickly and easily attach décor items, saving you additional labor costs during this phase of event set up.
  • Safe and Secure: Our tents are engineered strong to meet the latest IBC standards, saving you time and money during the permitting process, and keeping your customers’ guests safe and secure during challenging weather conditions.

Full Strength 110 Tube

Specially shaped and super strong aluminum tubing, ideal for 30′, 40′ and 50′ wide frames and is 50% stronger than other super tubes, without added weight. It can be quick pinned for fast set up or bolted for long term stability. Lite Span tube is compatible with the other major brands or shapes of canopy tent systems.

Full Strength 127 Tube

Keder tracks allow the tent top to slide into the rafters quickly and easily, while adding greater strength and stability. Innovative technology allows for retrofitting most round tube frame systems. Bottom function slot allows easy connection of brace bars and other components.

Lite Track 069 Tube

Get a stronger 2″ tube system and all the installation benefits of the slide-in fabric top system for 10′, 20′ and lightweight 30′ widths. Cost effective alternative for smaller widths provides the benefits of the slide-in fabric tops.

Full Strength 116 Tube

The newest tube is used for eaves, ridges and hip locations. It allows sidewall to slide into the center track at the bottom and smoothly roll from side to side. Two extra tracks allow for more connections such as liners, lights, and versatile keder hanger brackets for accessories and décor.

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