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The Rainier Canopy

Rainier Bistro with tents over tables

The goal was simple: "Design the best frame supported canopy system on the market."
Using the highest quality raw material available, combined with the latest technology in fittings and hardware, our craftsman have developed the most important advancement in today's frame tent industry.

The 8-Way Crown

Rainier's 8 way tent crown.

In developing The Rainier system, we applied the theory of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, "Form follows function." The idea was not to "reinvent the wheel," but to perfect it. Using these guidelines we have pioneered advancements in every aspect of our frame tents to provide the customer with the most functional tent available today. Introducing the Rainier Frame Tent.

The Frame

Photo of frame cut-aways.

The integrity of a system is only as sound as each of its component parts. Our fittings, the hub of the system, are designed to be extremely durable, yet elegant and simple. The crown fittings form around a non-distorting hub, shaped like a cap. This hub allows a full circumferential weld at the connection of each spoke. The top of each crown is perfectly smooth to prevent snagging during installation. Fittings have a position pin stop to hold legs, rafters, and spreaders at the correct depth to install our locking quick pins. All fittings adapt to 1" round tubing, 2" round tubing and Twin Tube. Our tubing is made from the best grade of structural and architectural aluminum available. The tubing is anodized with a deep satin finish.

The Lite-Span™

Lite-Span Logo The Lite-Span™ close up and cut away.

The Lite-Span™ from Rainier is a design achievement, and a winning combination! Our four-inch Lite-Span is six times stronger than standard 2" round tubing. Lite-Span enables you to span 20' between tent legs. Our 20' x 20' tent has only four legs. You can actually set up a 40' x 40' tent with just eight legs. Our 6" Lite-Span is designed to span 30', and is twenty times stronger than 2" tubing.

Upgrading your system is simple and practical with Lite-Span:

  • It's completely compatible within conventional West Coast frame Systems.
  • It can replace any length of tubing on existing tents.
  • Pars are interchangeable - with a few extra pieces, a 40' x 80' frame can be converted into three 20' x 20' frames.

The Canopy

Under a Rainier tent!!.

The Rainier Canopy is designed for strength, simplicity and compatibility. Our mildew-resistant fabric is the most durable in the industry. The finish is smooth on both sides to facilitate cleaning. The material has an attractive luster with rich, vibrant colors. Standard colors are white, blue, red, yellow, green, and blockout white. Custom colors are available upon request. Rainier Canopy tops fit all frames that have a standard 2:1 pitch. Stated simply, the Rainier Canopy installs faster, looks better and last longer. For that custom look, graphics can be added to your canopy.

The Hex Tent

Rainer Tent in the field.

The Hex Tent is an example of our ability and willingness to adapt to specialty needs of our customers with innovative design features. The shape, like an individual cell of a honeycomb, allows you to combine units in creative and aesthetically pleasing patterns. An expandable Hex section will join perfectly to the end of a standard 20x, 30x, or 40x Rainier System Tent.

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