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Full Strength

Rainier Full Strength Tents are the strongest frame tent systems on the market and we have engineering to prove it! Read more



Get a stronger 2” tube system and all the installation benefits of the slide-in fabric top system for 10’, 20’, 25’, and lightweight 30’ widths. Read more

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Rainier Canopy

Rainier Canopies use the highest quality raw materials available, combined with the latest technology in fittings and hardware. Read more

Distinctive Quality


Why lace when you can SLIDE?

The introduction of keder tracks on rafters and legs revolutionized the frame tent industry.

Ours are the first frame tent system to incorporate slide-in vinyl panels. Slide-in technology eliminates the labor hours of lace-up tops and reduces the wear and tear of dragging tops over frames.


Our team can create tents and fabric structures of any size and shape, for any site or application. We have designed, engineered, and fabricated structures for clients in a wide range of industries.

In addition to our full range of tenting products, our team can install and take down turn-key tents with all the accessories and features your structure requires. Superior fabrics are carefully selected and industry proven. Heavy duty reinforcements are generously used to ensure long-lasting tops.


We are fully committed to meeting your needs. No one in the industry can match the technical expertise and support that we provide.

Our commitment to you includes:

  • 24/7 support for difficult installations
  • Current engineering code compliance
  • Training for your crews for safety and efficiency
  • Configurable load lists and diagrams
  • Quick and friendly answers to your questions


Standard Style

The hip roof tent is considered a standard style tent, (shown at left.) Gable end roof tents also fall under this category. These tents are integrally engineered systems and have the fewest parts, the fastest set-up, and a flexible configuration.

Complete Tents

The High Peak Style

The High Peak, with its straight valance, is compatible in style with our larger tents and all parts are interchangeable.

  • Flying center pole, high peak tent with cross cables.
  • Straight valance is separate from the catenary facing for easy gutter and sidewall attachments.
  • Conventional sidewall installs easily. Optional eaves for sliding walls.
  • Heavy duty connectors and top construction with stronger strategic reinforcements.
  • Available in 15 oz. blockout vinyl, translucent and colors.
  • All kits include base plates and tie downs:
  • 10×10 and 10×20 with 2″ aluminum tubing
  • 15×15 with 2″ tubing – upgrade to 20×20 and 20×40 (available for sliding walls)
  • Custom flags available for purchase.

Frame Components

The Full Strength Tent offers various tube sizes, connectors and components to meet your strength needs. All of our connectors are welded steel components assembled in state-of-the-art fixtures to ensure accuracy, and clear zinc plating ensures long lasting quality.

Connectors have additional holes for cross bolting to increase strength when needed in larger frames, and are compatible through the entire system. Brace bars connect directly into the function slot, eliminating bolt-on brackets. Frame components and tube parts connect with quick pins, bail pins or bolts. We use the best aluminum alloy to extrude our tent tubes, then clear anodize the aluminum to provide protection from oxidation, providing exceptional strength and reduced installation time.

Full Strength 110 Tube

Specially shaped and super strong aluminum tubing, ideal for 30′, 40′ and 50′ wide frames and is 50% stronger than other super tubes, without added weight. It can be quick pinned for fast set up or bolted for long term stability. Lite Span tube is compatible with the other major brands or shapes of canopy tent systems.

Full Strength 127 Tube

Keder tracks allow the tent top to slide into the rafters quickly and easily, while adding greater strength and stability. Innovative technology allows for retrofitting most round tube frame systems. Bottom function slot allows easy connection of brace bars and other components.

Lite Track 069 Tube

Get a stronger 2″ tube system and all the installation benefits of the slide-in fabric top system for 10′, 20′ and lightweight 30′ widths. Cost effective alternative for smaller widths provides the benefits of the slide-in fabric tops.

Full Strength 116 Tube

The newest tube is used for eaves, ridges and hip locations. It allows sidewall to slide into the center track at the bottom and smoothly roll from side to side. Two extra tracks allow for more connections such as liners, lights, and versatile keder hanger brackets for accessories and décor.

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