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Heaters: Keeping things warm.

Featuring Flagro Heaters and Diffuser

Array of Heaters made by Flagro. Array of Heat Defusers made by Flagro.

Flagro Box Style Heaters

Flagro tent heaters allow for safe and efficient heating of your tented event, extending your tenting season and ensuring the comfort of your guests in cold weather. These economical and well made heaters are designed to be durable and easy to use, and ‘fix’ many of the common issues associated with other brands of box-style heaters. These heating units are available in a variety of sizes and ducting options to fit the needs of any tented event. Please call for additional information and pricing.

  • Thermostatically controlled for a consistent, comfortable environment
  • Use as both a heater and a fresh air circulator at the touch of a switch
  • Duct options for all tent and party applications
  • Quiet and Efficient
  • Easy to set up and use

We are always happy to help with questions, orders.

Flagro Heater Logo

Flagro THC 85

Flagro Heater THC 85
Flagro Heater THC 85 spec chart

Flagro THC 175

Flagro Heater THC 175
Flagro Heater THC 175 spec chart

Flagro THC 355

Flagro Heater THC 355
Flagro Heater THC 355 spec chart

Featuring Flagro Heat Diffuser: Ducting Options

Option #1:

Heater Diffuser connect directly to the heater unit for blowing warm air directly into your enclosed space or tent. Heater Diffusers are not availble for the THC-355 units.

Flagro Defusers

Heater Duct Models
Heater Defuser THCP-HD85 THCP-HD175 Not Avaliable

Option #2:

When local codes require the placement of heating units away from the tent or structure, the use of ducting is required. A Duct Adpater connects directly to the heating unit. One end of the Flexible Duct is attached to the duct adapter, while the other end of the Flexible Duct attaches to the Duct Diffuser, which blows the warm air into your enclosed space or tent.

Heater Duct Models
Duct Adapter THCP-DA12 THCP-WD12 THCP-DD12
Flexible Duct THCP-DA12 THCP-WD12 THCP-DD12
Duct Defuser THCP-DA18 THCP-WD18 THCP-DD18

Our goal is to surpass the industry standards for all tenting related products and services.

The Right Size Tent Heater

You have the tent, you have the tables, you have the chairs and the catering people are on board. Now you look at the forecast and see that the weather is going to be on the cool side. You decide that a heated tent is needed for the upcoming event to be comfortable for the guests. So what do you need to know to correctly heat the tent?

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