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Tech Tips Library

Rainier Tech Tips Library

Tech tips for tents

Answers to many of the questions that our clients ask can be found in our Tech Tips. Each one can be viewed here or you can download/print it for your notebook. We are frequently adding to our database of helpful advice.

image of Rainier's Anchoring Safety guide

Anchoring Safely


image of Rainier's Catenary Tops guide pamphlet

Catenary Tops


image of Rainier's ClearTops & Sidewalls pamphlet

Clear Tops & Sidewalls


image of Rainier's Cleaning and care for pamphlet

Cleaning Vinyl


image of Rainier's Specifications on Tent Connection pamphlet

Connection Pins


image of Rainier's Advice to better tent environment pamphlet

Pro Advice!


image of Rainier's Advice on tent rain gutters.

Rain Gutter Systems


image of Rainier's installing Hooks and cords pamphlet

Tent Hook Install


Rainier's guide to Keder bullet installation. This tent Keder guide is a downloadable PDF that is a must for understanding tent Keder repair

Keder Bullet Install


image of Rainier's Keder condition pamphlet

Keder Maintainance


image of Rainier's Keder repair guide

Keder Repair


Photo Rainier's cleaning suggestions for tent liner stains, Mr Clean Erase, CLR, X-14 mildew remover, Silverware tarnish remover,Goof-Off,

Cleaning Stains


image of Rainier's heating guide.

Tent Heater Size


image of Rainier's tent event seating suggestions guide.

Seating Your Guests


image of Rainier's tent event safety guide.

Tent set-up Safety!


image of Rainier's stake puller information sheet.

The Stake Puller


image of Rainier's squaring your tent tech-sheet.

Squaring Your Tent


image of Rainier's Maxi Tube™ Mast Canopy Tent Jack pamphlet

Tent Jack Assembly


image of Rainier's correct tent jack for the job pamphlet

Proper Tent Jack Use


image of Rainier's Wind Load Specifications guide

Wind Load Caution!


image of Rainier's tent repair guide

Vinyl Patching


image of Rainiers guide to tent ends.

Hip vs Gable


Baytex Tent Liner Tips

image of Rainier's pitching your tent guide

Tent Liner Install


image of Rainier's how to clean stains pamphlet

Removing Rust


image of Rainier's leg drape installation guide

Leg Drape Install


image of Rainier's tent frame installation guide

Frame / Liner Install


image of Rainier's cleaning tents pamphlet

Handling & Washing


image of Rainier's P2 Series manual

P2 Lining Guide


image of Rainier's single rail manual

MOD - Single Rail


image of Rainier's twin rail manual

MOD - Twin Rail


image of Rainier's tripple rail manual

MOD - Triple Rail


Technical Experts

We’ve all experienced the difference between talking with a ‘sales person’ and working with an expert who really understands the challenges of your business.

The staff at Rainier Tents has decades of hands-on experience in the industry, including:

    • Running Tent Rental Businesses
    • Equipment Installation and Set-Up
  • Designing Tents
  • Manufacturing Tenting Equipment.

We bring this expertise to the partnership that develops between the users of tenting equipment and the manufacturer. Our advice is available 24 x 7 and we pride ourselves in providing customers the information they need to overcome both the immediate and the long terms challenges of operating a tent rental business.

Give us the opportunity to help you take your tenting expertise to the next level. Chat with an agent now or
Contact Us to see what a difference partnering with a real tenting expert can make. You can also call us at (800) 869-7162 and our technically knowledgeable staff will be happy to help answer any questions.

2 thoughts on “Tech Tips Library”

  • Lance Bredo

    We are a small brewery in Red Deer Canada visiting Seattle this week and stopped in at Fremont Brewery where you have a tent set up. The frame looked really solid and the clear vinyl didn’t make it so claustrophobic to sit inside. We’ve been looking for ideas to extend our patio season and your tents are intriguing. We’d be looking for a 20x30 tent with clear vinyl windows and maybe custom colors. What kind of price range would we be looking at for a tent such as this?

    • rainier

      Hi Lance, The clear tops / sidewalls really do create a sense of 'open environment', happy to hear that you like them.
      You can actually build out your ideal tent via our tent configurator.
      The frame quoted with each configuration is our Full Strength Frame which is engineered to be the most 'heavy-duty' / stable on the market. With this does come a higher price tag, but its a premium product built to last.
      We also offer more conservatively priced Lite Track framing systems. Also incredibly easy to assemble with a sturdy frame design - just not as burly as the Full Strength Options.

      To give you an accurate estimate I would like to determine which end style you would prefer, hip or gable?
      Are you looking for Clear Top and Sidewalls? Or solid color top with clear sidewalls?
      Feel free to continue the conversation here or LiveChat with one of our reps here.

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